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Ice Bucket Challenge

This video is the answer for Karmi Phúc's IceBucketChallange and I've completed perfectly. I think this video will make you all feel suprised cause I make it's harder and funnier.

The rules are simple:

  • If you "accept":
    • Prepare an ice bucket
    • Make a video to talk about it. Then, dump it on your head in 48 hours.
    • Share it on social network (G+, FB, Twitter...) and donate some money to a charity fund (
    • Choose the next 3 persons to challange.
  • If you "do not accept":

For more infomations:

Next 3 nominations:

  1. My Japanese CEO: Mr. 藤井祥生 (Mr. Fujii)
  2. My colleague. He is a designer that I hate. Anh Lư Lâm Ho.
  3. The last one is my cousin B-Tram. She is good-hearted and cute like her mother especially with me.
    I want to challange more friends but I have to respect the rules.


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