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Green Summer 2013

Green Summer 2013 on Thieng Lieng island was my most memorable summer that I've ever experienced.

Thieng Lieng is a part of Ho Chi Minh City. However, it's fairly far from the center of HCMC. In addition, there is no electricity. People there have to use solar energy to replace for electricity. Therefore, not only children, but also teenagers, adults are lack of many matters: education, information, technology, internet...

Because of the above reasons, we - ISC club - have chosen Thieng Lieng to teach people there how to use computers, how to use Microsoft Office. Most of them do not know how to use Our bottom line is helping adolescents achieve the National Diploma in Computing A.

At the end of this summer, 2 students achieved that diploma. It's so fantastic! That's the main reason encourage me keep doing teaching job, especially for poverty children, teenagers.

Lastly, the images below are really valuable to me. It recorded my contributions with companions in arms.

Khanh and friends This is the boat that carries me and mates to Thieng Lieng every week.

Khanh and friends And this is how we land.

Khanh and friends Yes, that's it. that's our class.

Khanh and friends Our studious, pesky students :)

Khanh and friends My respectable mate.


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