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A failed dream but will make me stronger.

AmCham Scholarship - my biggest dream in university duration but I couldn't achieve it.

Today, Nov 11th 2014, is just the beginning of November. However, I didn't get enough lucky. I recieved a news - a bad announcement from AmCham Management Team - was that I failed the English test. Actually, I could guess how would the result be after finished the test but I still longed for the official result, I still hope a miracle would happen to me.
Obviously, I was unsettle, a little disappointed about myself. Firstly, because I couldn't "own" that scholarship. Then because I realized how important English is to me and I didn't attempt 100%. It was like a hit that woke me up and promoted me plan for what I should do seriously. Now, I know what I have to keep up, continue on and get rid of. Hoping this failure will make me much stronger. Especially in learning English.

And I also want to thank @Karmi, @AnhTruong, @BaoNguyen for staying beside me when I need and give me sharing. You guys are always my best friends.



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